Susie English

Yoga Instructor

I first came to yoga after a period of stress and anxiety. I loved the way yoga forced me to be present in the moment and the mindful way I had to move through the practice - uniting body, mind and breath. This left me feeling calm, strong and confident. Having tried many different yoga styles, I am now at a place in my personal practice where I love balancing dynamic styles, such as Rocket, with gentler, restorative styles. I first trained as a yoga teacher for children and teens and loved guiding young people through this amazing practice in fun and creative ways. I then felt I wanted to share this with adults; helping them to become more flexible, strong and peaceful. I also wanted to help people develop more love and respect for themselves and others and knew that this could be achieved through the practice of yoga.

For me, yoga is a lifestyle and there is always more to learn, poses to practice and more steadying and peace of mind to attain. That is what I love so much about this very special practice. I look forward to sharing this with you in class.
I teach fun, yet calming, vinyasa classes which incorporate breath work and relaxation. I like to bring the playful side of yoga alive and my classes help to develop flexibility, strength, coordination and promote feelings of peace and well being. All abilities welcome.