Fiona Young

Astanga Yoga Teacher

I’m a highly experienced yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage therapist.
I enjoy a daily Ashtanga, meditation and pranayama practice which keeps me sane and grounded and it’s my pleasure to share this with others.

My purpose is to teach authentic, dogma free yoga and to practice authentic Thai Yoga massage so that others can experience health in body and mind.

I have a strong understanding and respect for the lineage of yoga and Eastern healings traditions but I also have one foot in the western world with my extensive and ongoing training in anatomy and physiology (ITEC and Thomas Myers). My students get the best of both worlds!

It is my belief that every person must be treated as an individual and their overall health viewed holistically whether I am teaching them yoga or giving them a massage treatment.

I completed my teacher training with Brian Cooper in 2010 and my Teen Yoga training in 2012 with Charlotta Martinus. I am indebted to my teachers for their dedication and passion for teaching authentic yoga. I continue to study at KPJAYI in Mysore, the home of Ashtanga Yoga. It’s important to me that I learn from the source and to keep the tradition of Ashtanga alive.