Elizabeth Jacobs

Health Coach

When it comes to health and fitness Elizabeth looks at the 'BIGGER', picture. Long gone are the days of just losing a couple of pounds to fit into the old pair of jeans. Elizabeth looks at the psychological and physiological aspects hand in hand.

What is the client driven by and what motivates them?
What are their reasons for wanting change?
What plan of action has the client got?

Elizabeth has got all the answers!

Elizabeth strives to get clients to feel better about themselves and be the best they can be.

Elizabeth enjoys working with people who have a fear for gyms and the fitness environment. A structured tailored step-by-step approach, building self-esteem and confidence through fun, enjoyable but appropriately challenging workouts.


  • YMCA Level 3 Personal Training
  • YMCA Core stability
  • Exercise for Older Adults
  • Advance Cardiovascular Training
  • Running Techniques
  • Kettlebells Trainer
  • Bosu Trainer