Annabel Zambakides

Yoga Instructor

I began practising yoga in my first pregnancy 22 years ago and fell in love with the practise I have continued ever since.

Yoga is for everyone of all ages and levels. I have worked with many different teachers and styles of yoga, although I tend to work solely with my teacher Rod Stryker from the Tantra lineage.

My classes are constructed on the physical aspect of yoga Asana, however they incorporate working with the breath and the subtle body or energy body. This makes the practise more potent, as the alchemy of the breath, movement and mind yields a far deeper and longest lasting residue. Change is hard for us all, yoga allows us to process and move with the challenges life presents, through our practise on the mat we are able to gain a knowledge that can help us live our life off the mat with a sense of serenity and fulfilment. '

Stay close to your practise as the universe exists within me as much as I exist in the universe'