Our Team

Susie English

Yoga Instructor

I first came to yoga after a period of stress and anxiety. I loved the way yoga forced me to be present in the moment and the mindful way I had to move through the practice - uniting body, mind and breath. This left me feeling calm, strong and confident. Having tried many different yoga styles, I am now at a place in my personal practice where I love balancing dynamic styles, such as Rocket, with gentler, restorative styles. I first trained as a yoga teacher for children and teens and loved guiding young people through this amazing practice in fun and creative ways. I then felt I wanted to share this with adults; helping them to become more flexible, strong and peaceful. I also wanted to help people develop more love and respect for themselves and others and knew that this could be achieved through the practice of yoga.

For me, yoga is a lifestyle and there is always more to learn, poses to practice and more steadying and peace of mind to attain. That is what I love so much about this very special practice. I look forward to sharing this with you in class. I teach fun, yet calming, vinyasa classes which incorporate breath work and relaxation. I like to bring the playful side of yoga alive and my classes help to develop flexibility, strength, coordination and promote feelings of peace and well being. All abilities welcome.


Annabel Zambakides

Yoga Instructor

I began practising yoga in my first pregnancy 22 years ago and fell in love with the practise I have continued ever since.

Yoga is for everyone of all ages and levels. I have worked with many different teachers and styles of yoga, although I tend to work solely with my teacher Rod Stryker from the Tantra lineage.

My classes are constructed on the physical aspect of yoga Asana, however they incorporate working with the breath and the subtle body or energy body. This makes the practise more potent, as the alchemy of the breath, movement and mind yields a far deeper and longest lasting residue. Change is hard for us all, yoga allows us to process and move with the challenges life presents, through our practise on the mat we are able to gain a knowledge that can help us live our life off the mat with a sense of serenity and fulfilment. '

Stay close to your practise as the universe exists within me as much as I exist in the universe'

Roel Jansen

Health Coach

Driven and motivated to deliver challenging, fun and result driven Personal Training for one to one and/or group sessions suited to all ages and abilities that are tailor made to your specific goals. Friendly, adaptable, organized, punctual and passionate individual. Positive and realistic with regards to goal setting. Plenty of (life) experience, extensive knowledge and qualified to train specialist populations and able to deal with rehab needs adequately.

All-rounder with a fit for anything approach in order to deliver varied and structured sessions using the right mix of exercise techniques. Achieving your goal is my job satisfaction!


Elizabeth Jacobs

Health Coach

When it comes to health and fitness Elizabeth looks at the 'BIGGER', picture. Long gone are the days of just losing a couple of pounds to fit into the old pair of jeans.

Elizabeth strives to get clients to feel better about themselves and be the best they can be.

Elizabeth enjoys working with people who have a fear for gyms and the fitness environment. A structured tailored step-by-step approach, building self-esteem and confidence through fun, enjoyable but appropriately challenging workouts.

Elizabeth looks at the psychological and physiological aspects hand in hand.

Nadia Lismore

Health Coach

My name is Nadia Lismore. I am a qualified REP Level 3 Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I am also trained in Pre and Post natal Pregnancy fitness and I teach Indoor Cycling(Spinning) classes.

My services are bespoke and tailored to the individual. No set plan for a set amount of weeks. I like to keep the body and mind guessing by mixing it up and having fun as we go.

Andy Reay

Health Coach

Andy Reay is a former premiership and England U21 rugby player, currently playing and coaching in the championship, and with 6 years personal training experience.

Currently studying for his Bsc (hons) in Sport and exercise Science Andy specialises in muscle gain in males, and helping to improve weight loss and physique in females. Andy also has a keen interest in all things nutrition, and is very capable of teaching good technique in complex and olympic lifting.

Marta Swiezynska

Yoga Instructor

Marta Swiezynska is a certified Hatha yoga instructor through the British Wheel of Yoga, holds an advanced diploma that allows her to teach yoga to people living with cancer, and teaches classes designed for a variety of health conditions, where a number of stages and variations is given to accommodate different levels within one class. She leads group classes at The Body Studio in Northwood and works with private clients building personalized yoga programs, ranging from gentle and flowing, based on spiritual discipline of yoga to strength, power, injury prevention and performance- focused for men.


Frank Neafcey

Health/Strengh and Conditioning Coach

P.I.C.P. Level 1 , P.I.C.P. Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Specialist, REP's Level 3 Personal Trainer, Biosignature Modulation Practitioner, P.I.M.S.T.Certified, F.A.T. Tool Certified, W.T.F.Tae Kwon Do Instructor .

"I am constantly seeking to improve my knowledge and strive to remain at the cutting edge of the fitness industry .This is to ensure my clients receive the latest information so that they are able to reach their goals and achieve lasting results"

Maggie Dokic

Health Coach

I am a Mum of four children, this is still a very challenging role that seems to change on a daily basis. Still it keeps me young as I am often mistaken for my daughter's sister. Which is good for me, but not for her.

I have worked with Liz for at least seven years and I was more than happy when they asked me to join them at the Body Studio, as I think we are a good team.

I work with a wide range of clients, who all have different goals.

Grant Mitchell

Health Coach

Grant’s interest in health and fitness began after breaking his arm, wrist and hand badly at the age of 16. Through hard work in the gym and at home, perseverance, a lot of trial and error as well as discipline, he managed to completely rehabilitate the arm after being told by surgeons that he would only ever get 60 % use back in it at best. From there, he went on to qualify as a fitness instructor and then a Personal Trainer and began working at an exclusive health club in Northwood.

Grant has now been in and around the fitness industry for the past 8 years and has spent time working alongside some of the best in the industry as well as physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Anne Nola

Massage et Sane/ Sports Massage & Reflexology

Having qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2001, I started my career as a Therapist at the renowned Champneys Spa in Tring, Hertfordshire. In September 2003, I started massaging the staff at the London headquarters of Orange plc and have been there ever since. In that time I have treated countless injuries linked to running, cycling and boxing as well as the stress and anxiety typical of corporate life.

Mark Bussetti


Involved in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 20 years and practised as a Sports Therapist for 14 years prior to becoming an Osteopath. Qualifications include a Masters in Osteopathy; BA Hons in Sports Studies; Sports Therapy and Sports Massage qualifications. Mark continues to teach anatomy and sports related courses in addition to being a therapist.