Grant Mitchell

Health Coach

Grant's interest in health and fitness began after breaking his arm, wrist and hand badly at the age of 16. Through hard work in the gym and at home, perseverance and a lot of trial and error, he managed to completely rehabilitate the arm despite being told by surgeons that he would never gain more than 60% his mobility and strength back in it (at best). From there, he went on to qualify as a fitness instructor and then a Personal Trainer and began working at the Riverside club Northwood.

Since then, he has explored the industry in depth and has worked alongside some of the best in the industry. He has furthered his education to acquire advanced qualifications that enable him to assess movement, posture and tailor programs to the individual, regardless of age, gender, fitness or ability level. He is also able to offer Deep Tissue and Sports Massage to a high level and has helped many clients and members here at the Body Studio to rehabilitate an array of injuries with his expertise on injury rehabilitation through exercise in the gym and his abilities as a Sports Massage Therapist in the treatment room.

Grant is now a full time Trainer and Therapist here at the Body Studio. He has an open-minded approach towards everyone and believes that everyone is very different in body and mind and therefore respond differently to various methods and techniques. He has a holistic approach, taking into account the lifestyle of each of his clients as a whole, as apposed to just focusing on the training in the gym or Massage alone.

In the gym, Grant’s style of training is a unique, specified and well-balanced combination of weights/resistance training used in a circuit format accompanied with boxing (pad-work), stretching techniques and general cardiovascular training tailored to the individual. All sessions with Grant commence with a movement and postural assessment in order for him to ascertain exactly what exercises and training style is appropriate for the individual rather than just a ‘thumb-suck’ approach.

Grant can take you from any level of fitness, whether you are a ‘seasoned vet’ in the gym environment or if you have never set foot inside a gym before. He can help you work with, around or rehabilitate chronic or acute injuries that you may be battling with so you have no excuses!