Body Studio is based in the heart of Northwood Hills, North London, established in 2009 we have quickly become known as one of the best exclusive personal training clubs outside London.

We have acquired our reputation as a club boasting the most experienced team of personal trainers outside London.

Pursuing our policy of offering the best possible value for money, state of the art equipment and a great atmosphere puts this studio above all training venues.

Body Studio Vision

  • To help you feel better about your journey to optimal health
  • Help coach you towards your dreams
  • Guiding you to Getting RESULTS!

Principles to improving health & performance

  • Thoughts : Healthy thoughts create healthy bodies
  • Breathing : Focusing your attention on deep healthy breathing reduces stress
  • Hydration : For optimal health drink .033L of water for every kg of your bodyweight daily
  • Nutrition : Eat high quality organic food that is right for your biochemical individuality
  • Sleep : Getting to bed before 10:30pm every night will promote optimal health
  • Exercise & Movement : Exercise regularly and include energy building exercise for vitality